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Extreme Green Cleaning


GreenSteam Machine Carmen S. The Extreme Green Cleaner

GreenSteam CarmenS The Extreme Green Cleaner

Cleaning surfaces without harsh chemicals.  SJH GreenSteam – has pioneered a truly “chemical free” Extreme Green cleaning procedure using only vapor steam to remove dirt, grime, and germs, while sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces.

Today, more and more people are becoming concerned with the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and toxins within their workplace.  As of yet, we do not know what impact and what the long-term effects of cleaning chemicals will have on health and environment?  This concern requires a change—a change in the way we clean.

Vapor steam is an excellent way for businesses to clean and sanitize surfaces.  Treat yourself, customers and your employees to an environment free of harsh chemicals fumes and residue.

Vapor Steam – for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow.

Extreme Green Cleaning offers businesses a perfect cleaning solution, which excludes the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. SJH GreenSteam offers Extreme Green cleaning through the use of vapor steam, which sanitizes and disinfects surfaces while cleaning. Vapor Steam is the ideal cleaning solution for your industry


Extreme Green Cleaning blasts away grease and grime

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