Contract cleaning with vapor steam.  No harsh cleaning chemicals.

Restaurant cleaning

Vapor steam will cut through the grease and grime

Medical Centers

Sanitize, Disinfect and deodorize surfaces fast and on contact

Grocery Stores

Put your customers at ease – no cross contamination

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We are SJH GreenSteam, and we want to change the way you clean!

Green Cleaning is Cleaning without chemicals. SJH GreenSteam – has pioneered a truly “chemical free” procedure using only vapor steam to remove dirt and germs, while sanitizing and disinfecting the cleaning surfaces.

Today, more and more people are becoming concerned with the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and toxins within their workplace. As of yet, we do not know what impact and what the long-term effects of cleaning chemicals will have on health and the environment?
Vapor steam is an excellent way for restaurant owners to clean and sanitize surfaces. Vapor steam those high traffic areas within your establishment and eliminate cross-contamination in your food prep area.

Treat yourself, customers and your employees to an environment free of harsh chemicals.

Vapor steam cleaning is the Ultimate method of green cleaning for any commercial or residential environment. Water converted into steam is what makes vapor steam cleaning Green. The high steam temperatures work to loosen and dissolve tough deposits that manual scrubbing or even chemicals cannot remove. The Vapor steam cleaners have the anti-bacterial technology which is capable of eliminating diseases such as MRSA, E. Coli, and Salmonella. Instead of relying on multiple products to clean and disinfect, a vapor steam machine will do those jobs, and without the use of harmful, toxic cleaning chemicals.
When you use vapor steam to clean vapor steam will:

  • Remove dirt and excess debris
  • Kill bacteria
  • Kills mold, mites, germs, and spores,
  • Disinfectant

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Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Toilet cleaning and sanitizing

Vapor steam cleaning your toilets, while sanitizing and disinfecting will eliminate 99.9% of the germs, safely and effectively all without the harmful use of cleaning chemicals. Vapor steam cleaning is the new green cleaning. Vapor Steam for a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.

Vapor Steam cleaning the bathroom sink

Vapor steam cleans completely in all cracks and crevices of this facet. SJH GreenSteam machines are an excellent cleaning machine without using chemicals.

Commercial Oven cleaning

Watch it happen, using a GreenSteam cleaner,  watch the grease and grime slowly dissolve away on a commercial oven.

We’ve Been Cleaning For Over 10 Years

Choosing a high-quality cleaning service can be a very stressful undertaking. With so many cleaning companies to pick from, it can be challenging to weed through all the less than reputable facility maintenance /cleaning and or janitorial companies that are out there.

Using SJH GreenSteam will change all that. Our company’s mission is to get businesses behind the powerful burst of real vapor steam that will provide the best Green Cleaning (no chemical) cleaning service found anywhere in Texas. We maintain a loyal customer base that includes not only many smaller commercial clients but large corporate customers as well.

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Whether you need a “highly detailed” or ” quick service cleaning” SJH GreenSteam can deliver where other cleaning companies have failed and would love to have you as our next “satisfied customer”. Email us today for your free no obligation consultation and demonstration of what a GreenSteam machine can do.

Q. What are biofilms?

A. Organisms that live in colonies and form a protective covering over them are called biofilms. These organisms often live in layers, making them hard to clean. Steam kills the entire colony and removes the organisms from the surface. Chemical cleaning may kill only the top layer and then leave the organisms there.

Q. How can a vapor steam cleaner kill dust mites?

A. With heat! Dust mites die @ 130 degrees, and a vapor steam cleaner temp at the nozzle is about 180 degrees (trapped steam temp is up to 250 degrees)

Q. Can Vapor steam kill the dust mites permanently?

A. No, you will need to steam again about eight weeks later.

Q. Are vapor steam cleaners safe?

A. Yes, if you purchase a quality vapor steam machine. SJH GreenSteam offers commercial grade machines with a lifetime warranty on the boiler. Email us at for more information on high-quality commercial grade GreenSteam machines.

Q. Can vapor steam really eliminate grease and grime?

A. Yes, by dissolving the grease.

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