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SJH GreenSteam The Extreme Green Cleaner

For more than 12 years, SJH Greensteam the extreme green cleaner has specialized in commercial and industrial cleaning using vapor steam. Vapor steam cleaning is today’s extreme green cleaning technology that will clean most surfaces without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.  Using the extreme green cleaning method will ensure that your surfaces are cleaned and sanitized safely, eliminating any dangerous allergic reactions. Cleaning your equipment and surfaces with vapor steam is by far one of the most effective ways to clean.

SJH GreenSteam is one of the leading providers of vapor steam cleaning for businesses of all sizes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.  SJH GreenSteam the extreme green cleaner, is an official distributor of Tecnovap Vapor Steam Machines, offering vapor steam machines, machine accessories, and technical support service. In addition to selling vapor steam machines, we offer contract cleaning services to all industries within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. GreenSteam Evo-blu machine-SJH GreenSteam

Our professional staff is thoroughly trained in vapor steam cleaning techniques, equipment usage, and safety procedures.  At SJH GreenSteam we work diligently to ensure that all cleaning service plan specifications are performed to the highest industry standards - Guaranteed.

SJH GreenSteam is a socially and environmentally conscious company, dedicated to the improvement of humanity by utilizing vapor steam cleaning as the alternative way to clean while protecting people and the environment.  For a Free on-site machine demonstration to see our machines in action, or to learn more about our cost-effective contract cleaning services within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, call us at 972-464-8005.

SJH GreenSteam the Extreme Green Cleaner uses vapor steam – We are changing the way you clean!

Vapor steam – for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow!

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