Vapor Steam Clean Playmats at a Daycare Center

Vapor clean playmates at a Daycare Center

Daycare letter * Daycare centers get on board * Protecting our children

Vapor Steam Clean Playmats at a Daycare Center.  Daycare centers can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which is why it is so

Cleaning and Sanitizing tile floors with a vapor steam – The ultimate extreme green cleaner.

Play mats at a daycare center

important to implement proper sanitary measures when cleaning playmats that children use during  playtime. A simple solution is vapor steamVapor steam is especially effective in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the play mats that come into regular contact with children.  Using vapor steam to clean their sleeping cots requires no downtime, and will leave no chemical residue.   Cleaning with Vapor steam will help ensure the health and safety our children while in your care.


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