Grocery Stores

Take your store “GREEN” with Green-cleaning!

Get behind the power of Steam – Vapor Steam!

Steam cleaners should be used in all the major supermarket chains, grocery stores and convenient stores in the United States.

Vapor steam can quickly clean those isles in half the time

Supermarkets and grocery stores have a wide variety of cleaning chores well suited to vapor steam cleaning. High customer traffic brings the need for regular and complete cleaning of a wide variety of areas and surfaces. Previously difficult to clean areas are more easily and more completely cleaned, deodorized and sanitized at the same time.

Grocery Stores / Supermarket Maintenance:

Bacteria and blood is a perfect for vapor cleaning

  • Easily deep clean and sanitize tile and grout, floors, mats, rugs and carpets.
  • Clean mirrors, windows and glass without chemicals – no streaks or smears.
  • Fixtures, doors, counters and display cases are completely cleaned, even the hardest to reach cracks, crevices and textured surfaces.
  • Quickly and easily clean tables, furniture, microwaves, refrigerators and rugs in staff rest areas.

Now you can clean, sanitize and disinfect the glass display case

  • Checkout counters and conveyor belts can be completely cleaned of chemical and bacterial contaminants.
  • Create the most sanitary and healthy environment possible for your customers. Department Benefits:
  • Dairy – clean and sanitize display cases, refrigerators, shelves, fans and condensers. Spills can be cleaned quickly with no mess or contamination left behind.
  • Bakery – ovens, baking trays and racks, floors, hoods, display cases and preparation

    Keep your bakery department smelling of breads and pastries and not dirt, with a vapor steam cleaner

    areas are all deep cleaned and sanitized in one simple process.

  • Butcher Shop and Meats – cutting tables, cutting boards, sinks and display cases are all left sparkling clean and free of bacterial, viral and chemical contamination.


  • Deli and Produce – displays, floors, walls, food preparation areas, refrigerators, freezers, counters and food service areas are all cleaned, sanitized and deodorized in a matter of minutes. Save time, labor costs and money, and with better results than before. Clean with water, not chemicals, for a cleaner environment for you, your staff and your customers. Steam cleaning can do it all!

Grocery Stores should kick the Old Cleaning System –mops & buckets.

The old way of cleaning – Not very effective. Washing your floors with dirty water only spreads bacteria. Vapor steam needs no bucket.

It has been proven long ago that the old mop and bucket style of mopping is ineffective as a cleaning method. After you have to put the mop back in the bucket the first time to re-wet it, the water is no longer clean. You continue to re-wet the mop and clean the floor using dirty mop water.

Vapor Steam Cleaning: – The new cleaning solution – steam mop!

  • with an SJH GreenSteam mop, you can quickly vapor steam the dirt, bacteria and germs away, leaving the fresh scent of clean

    with an SJH GreenSteam mop, you can quickly vapor steam the dirt, bacteria and germs away, leaving the fresh scent of clean

    With a steam mop the need for a separate mop and water bucket is eliminated. Steam mops are highly effective at removing germs, dirt, and scuffs from hard surfaced floors without leaving behind chemical residues.

  • Steam mops have an unlimited list of advantages over standard water and bucket mops. Steam mops are an excellent choice for use on commercial tile floors.  Since a steam mop is designed to dry floors quicker, there is no need to worry about water puddles. Steam mops come with their own self containing water bucket that is built in.


No longer do you need to lug around a mop and a heavy bucket of water.

Attention Grocery Stores, take note of the Unique Cleaning Functions

Versatile steam cleaner’s work well in removing grime, dirt, and food stains from different surfaces in a stores, such as tables, drains, countertops, meat and produce displays. The extremely high steam temperatures also enable simultaneous sanitizing and deodorizing without needing to resort to chemical cleaners. This is particularly essential in stores to maintain cleanliness around food preparation without using harmful chemicals.


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