Public concern in the hospitality industry with the cleanliness of hotel mattresses

There is widespread concern in the hospitality industry (and the public in general) with the cleanliness of hotel mattresses.

Here are 5 important facts:

A hotel mattress is full of shed human skin cells and allergens including dust mite feces, pollen, spores, fungi, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, all of which thrive in the micro-habitat of mattresses. All of these can seriously affect the health of your guests and employees.

Within 24 months from the date of purchase, a new pillow will increase as much as 25% in weight due to the accumulation of allergens and microbials.

Studies have shown that without proper mattress cleaning, a 10 year old mattress can actually double in weight from the time of purchase due to the accumulation of organisms and pathogens.

There are frequent reports in the media of hotels being sued by their guests because of bed bug bites. According to a December 30, 2011 news account, New York is dealing with a massive invasion of bedbugs and is considering putting together a task force to specifically deal with the problem. There have been similar reports in dozens of other cities including Las Vegas and San Francisco. In reality, bed bug reports are increasing all over the country.

There are hundreds of unreported cases of guests having allergic reactions due to unclean mattresses.

Your cleaning solution

You can spend thousands of dollars on exterminators who might use harmful chemicals and pesticides – or – you can use a proven, safe, natural product. GreenSteam Galo6 instantly clean away and prevent infestations of bed bugs, lice, scabies, fire ants, roaches, mites, spiders, fleas and silverfish. The GreenSteam Galo6 can be used to clean mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture and drapery. The GreenSteam Galo6 can also be safely used in homes, apartments and condominiums.

The benefits of having clean, hygienic mattresses:

  • Strengthens Customer Loyalty
  • Reduces or eliminates allergic reactions among hotel guests and employees
  • Extends the life of your mattresses
  • Attracts guests concerned about hotel cleanliness
  • Generates positive word of mouth
  • Delivers peace of mind knowing your guests are sleeping in comfort and cleanliness

SJH GreenSteam product line of Vapor steam cleaners are non-toxic, pet safe and 100% pesticide free and operated solely on water.  There is no harmful chemical usage.  Effectively clean, sanitize and disinfect in one easy process.  To learn more about cleaning with the power of vapor steam, call SJH GreenSteam today!

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