To learn more about the issues associated with chemical cleaning within the office environment please click on the links below.

Sick Building Syndrome

Vapor steam cleaning will reduce sick days, just by cleaning exposed areas

Employees office space will benefit from cleaning with vapor steam

Welcome to SJH Greensteam, providers of the most advanced cleaning equipment on the market today offers an ecological solution for cleaning and disinfecting with the highest efficiency. SJH Greensteam proudly offers you exclusively: – The best steam cleaners on the market.

Suitable to clean all surfaces!

The endless list of applications for SJH Greensteam vapor steam cleaners makes SJH the leader in cleaning and sanitation products. SJH Greensteam machine’s powerful antibacterial and cleaning abilities are revolutionary for the maintenance industry, commercial and residential homes. Vapor steam cleaning will cut your cleaning bill in half!

Public Bathroom stalls

Every inch can be cleaned sanitized and deodorized with vapor steam.

Restrooms & Bathrooms:

  • Clean, deodorize and sanitize in one simple step.
  • Polishes fixtures while removing the build-up of scale from around taps and handles.
  • Clean tile, grout and shower doors with ease.
  • Easily reaches cracks and crevices other cleaning methods cannot reach.
  • Clean and restore bathtub bottoms and shower floors so that their color shines through.

Windows and Mirrors:

  • Quickly clean windows and mirrors without smears or streaking.
  • Windows and mirrors stay cleaner longer because there is no chemical residue to attract dirt and dust.
  • Clean blinds, drapes, and curtains.

Other Uses:

  • Clean and polish elevators inside and out.
  • Quickly clean linoleum, tile and natural floors as easily as using a vacuum cleaner and with no chemicals to degrade the surface.

Environmentally friendly

Our latest steam technology uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact. Put the power of steam behind your cleaning.




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