Residential – Since the only ingredient needed to use a steam cleaner is water,

Residential stove top vapor steamed by SJH GreenSteam

Clean your stove top safely and without chemicals.

cleaning your home has never been more environmentally friendly. After all, does it really make sense to make a sandwich on a counter top that’s been sprayed with poison?

Schools & Day Care Centers – As the owner or operator of a nursery school or day care center you have the impossible task of

Vapor steam cleaning within the Daycare centers by SJH GreenSteam

Cleaning and Sanitizing tile floors with a vapor steam – The ultimate extreme green cleaner.

trying to keep the children who attend your center clean and free from the germs that can be passed from one child to another making them sick or aggravating their allergies.There is no better way to clean your nursery school or day care center than with steam. Use a steam cleaner instead of your cleaning methods that include potentially harmful chemical-based cleaners.

Steam cleaning is “kid friendly” as well as environmentally friendly.

Using SJH GreenSteam cleaners will clean more thoroughly in less time and with much less effort. Steam cleaners will sanitize as it cleans, killing germs, bacteria, mold and mildew.A steam cleaner cleans with only water and is capable of cleaning almost any surface in your nursery school or day care center including stuffed animals, sleep mats and toys where germs and bacteria live and breed.Day care center and/or nursery school children spend a great deal of time playing with their favorite stuffed animal or toys It is also where children can pick up an untold number of germs and viruses.

With younger children these objects often find their way into the child’s mouth which could create some serious problems when the object is not properly sanitized. A steam cleaner will clean, disinfect and sanitize stuffed animals and toys with a single application using only vapor steam created with water.

Restaurants – The service areas in restaurants often deals with heavy volumes of traffic and with food spills and other debris. In commercial range cleaningaddition to food which is stored, prepared, and cooked in these areas, it is imperative that the food does not get contaminated at any stage. Using a steam cleaner in these areas offers multiple benefits for restaurants that need fast and effective cleaning solutions.

Steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning a variety of hard, durable surfaces. With anti-bacterial technologies, they can sanitize as well, eliminating more than 99 percent of disease causing germs and bacteria. Manual soap and water scrubbing does not provide cleaning power of a steam cleaner.

Scrubbing does, not eliminate germs and bacteria from food preparation surfaces without the use of toxic detergents and the use of harsh chemicals has its drawbacks as well. Toxic traces and fumes can easily enter the food that is stored and prepared. A steam cleaner avoids both of these situations because it uses the cleaning power of steam to loosen and remove dirt.

Nursing home/Assistant living centers– The cross infection problems occurs when high numbers of people who stay in Nursing home cleaning with Vapor steam by SJH GreenSteamcommunal rooms or have access to all areas of a nursing home are apparent. This freedom of access will facilitate the expansion and consequent spread bacteria, virus and fungi, many of which are potential pathogens for humans.

These micro-organisms spread mainly in the air, hide, multiply and contaminate environments, leading to an increased risk of infections.  The risk of infection is particularly serious to elderly or immune deficient people, who are particularly sensitive to microbial infections, staying in these places often for long periods.

Any Veterinarian or kennel operator, you understand how difficult it is to keep a clean and healthy environment. You may have a Cleaning with vapor steam for kennels - sjh greensteamcleaning process that includes thoroughly cleaning the kennels with soap and water followed by disinfecting with a chemical based cleaner. The current problem with your cleaning process is: soap and water alone does not clean and disinfect.

Chemical based cleaners do disinfect most areas they come in contact with they do not always get into all the areas where germs and fleas hide. Carpeting,  cracks and crevices throughout your office or kennel are hiding places for germs and fleas that most often are missed by chemical based cleaners. More importantly, chemical based cleaners will leave a residue on everything it comes in contact with.

The chemical residue can agitate the allergies and can be very harmful to the pets that come into your office or kennel. You may not see the effects of the chemical residue immediately, however, over time it will have a negative effect on the pets.

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