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There are so many reason why everyone should be using vapor steam to clean.  The various diseases that exist today, every hospital, hotel/motel, nursing home, restaurant, kennel, home, shopping malls and other commercial establishments that are in contact with the public should ensure the public that their facilities are clean at all times.  Maintaining a hygienic and sanitize environment is of the utmost importance and utilizing a vapor steam cleaner will give you that peace of mind.  Get behind the power burst of steam in cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing your establishments today!

Solutions – to clean:

Vapor steam which is the only cleaning agent used with our cleaners.  Its a non-toxic alternative that is actually very effective and safer than using chemicals.  It has been proven many times that steam cleaning is more effective in killing common household germs faster than any chemical application.  Using an SJH Greensteam cleaner to replace your toxic and expensive chemicals with a natural, efficient and effective cleaning process.

Our vapor steam cleaners are simply the best!

Best in decontaminating and sanitizing surfaces:  Vapor steam cleaners are the best in decontaminating and sanitizing surfaces.  Vapor steam cleaning is an effective solution to a more dangerous pathogens and life-threatening microbes exhibiting a frightening trend of resistance to chemicals.  Remember – Vapor steam converts ordinary tap / distilled water into superheated high quality steam that is very essential in decontaminating surfaces.  Steam along is very lethal to bacteria and grime.  It’s steam sanitizing totally eradicates infections.

Prevents allergy and asthma – Good health is so important and the one thing that you can do to protect your family is to keep up a healthy living environment.  Vapor steam cleaning is a simple way to rid your home of allergens in a chemical free way.  Vapor steam kills pest instantly such as dust mites.  It can clean your floors, mattresses and every corner of your home with steam!

Pro Environment – With vapor steam there is no chemical use, therefore a no air, water or land pollutants.  Since only water is used for cleaning, it’s natural and 100% environment friendly.  Vapor steam delivers only effective deep cleaning and soil removal without any ecologically damaging chemicals.

No Residue SJH vapor steam cleaners leaves nothing but a sparkling, sanitized and clean area.

Very Effective – No matter what type of surface you are cleaning, vapor steam cleaners are extremely effective in cleaning and sanitizing.  With it’s super heated water, you can clean almost everything.  Vapor steam is very effective at cleaning all types of grime, dirt and grease from from surfaces.  You are only limited by your imagination of what you can actually clean.  In nursing homes, medical facilities, restaurants and other commercial industries, vapor steam cleaners is the excellent choice for cleaning and disinfecting devices such as: patient beds, mattresses, privacy curtains, commercial kitchens, public bathrooms and so much more.

SJH Greensteam Vapor Steam cleaner – Our vapor steam cleaners are powerful machines that can carry out a wide variety of cleaning applications.  The most effective way to clean any surface is with vapor steam, which will clean, sanitize, de-grease and vacuums all in one complete action.  Throw away your mop and bucket and get behind the power of vapor steam.

Get behind the powerful burst of REAL vapor steam with an SJH GreenSteam machine.

Vapor steam for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow.

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