Look Water

An excellent benefit of Vapor steam cleaning – You can achieve cleanliness without the harmful use of chemicals.

To learn more about the advantages of steam cleaning, register today for a free no obligation demonstration of our steam technology. See first hand how this technology will revolutionize the way you clean.

SJH’s GreenSteam machines manufactured by Technovap will unleash the power of dry steam for cleaning, de-greasing and sanitizing. Dry steam cleaning is tomorrow’s eco-friendly technology that cleans even the most stubborn, greasy dirt from places that are difficult to reach. Walls, floors, even small holes, crevices, and grooves are cleaned without using chemicals.

  • Save up to 30% in labor costs
  • Save 80% on cleaning chemicals cost
  • Save 90% disinfectant costs

Consider cleaning with vapor steam with an SJH GreenSteam machine.  Vapor Steam for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow. 

YOU can clean with water