Vapor steam versus Germs


Vapor steam versus Bacteria


Sanitizing surfaces



Vapor steam is ideal cleaning method 

There is no easier way to clean an oven than with vapor steam!


Vapor Steam Cleaning

Cleaning with vapor steam is the only chemical-free way to eliminate dirt, clean stains, and deep clean surfaces.  Eliminate dust mites, mold, germs spores and bacteria on contact.  Safely sanitize and disinfect surfaces using only vapor steam.  The GreenSteam cleaners are the best vapor steam machines on the market. Available in 3 different machine models, one to suit your individual cleaning needs.  From homeowner to business owners, there is no reason to clean without a GreenSteam machine. Hire SJH GreenSteam!  Were are your reliable source for vapor steam cleaning.  Currently available in the Dallas, Fort Worth metro area.  Call 972-464-8005 or 800-363-1931 today. Vapor Steam – for a cleaner and healthy tomorrow.  SJH GreenSteam is changing the way you clean!

Commercial oven cleaning with vapor steam

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