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Our FAQ section is here to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding vapor steam cleaning.  If you have any questions not posted here, please feel free to drop us a line at  We are committed to delivering honest answers about vapor steam cleaning.


Vapor Steam – for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow.

What is steam cleaning?

Using distilled water which is heated and turned into steam.  The steam is used to clean, sanitizes and disinfects surfaces

Are there any cleaning chemicals used with steam cleaning?

The only agent used with steam cleaning is distilled or tap water.  There are no chemicals used.  Steam cleaning the eco-friendly way to safely eliminate bacteria and germs on contact.  Without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals. 

Is steam cleaning good for people who suffer with allergies?

Absolutely!  Steam cleaning your mattress can eliminate dust mites and other allergens. 

Most clean with bleach, is this harmful?

Cleaning with bleach is generally safe, as long as it is used by itself. That said, bleach is and can be irritating to your skin, lungs, and eyes.  The fumes from bleach can be harmful if inhaled.  When you use a steam cleaner, you eliminate using bleach.  Not only do you save money by not buying bleach, but you are also not exposed to the harmful irritants that bleach causes 

What is the benefits when cleaning with vapor steam ?

The wonderful benefits of cleaning with steam are numerous.  Steam cleaning is a universally natural disinfectant.  Vapor steam can kill 99.9% of surface germs and bacteria.  Cleaning with vapor steam can completely kill mold, and mildew leaving no harmful chemical fumes behind to inhale.  The benefits of cleaning with vapor steam outweigh the use of cleaning with chemicals.   

How do steam vapor cleaners use only water to do the cleaning?

The heat emulsifies the grease and chemicals and then the hot towel draws the emulsified “stuff” into it. Only “dry steam” is added to the carpet that dries in as little as a few seconds. If you are chemically sensitive, you will not be adding chemicals to the carpet, but instead, you will be removing them.

Are steam cleaners safe?

Yes, if you purchase a GreenSteam machine, you will get a high-quality system with safety features (switches, pressure gauges, etc) and use proper caution. Plus our vapor steam machines offer a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

Can I burn myself?

Yes, if you don’t exercise reasonable caution and safety, but any incidence of injury is pretty rare.

How does a steam cleaner kill dust mites?

With heat: Dust-mites die @ 130 degrees and higher and temp at the nozzle is about 180 degrees (trapped steam temp is up to 250 degrees)

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